Revolutionary mining technology is creating jobs in County Antrim, with support from Michelin Development.

  • Tribe Technology Group is set to create 120 jobs in County Antrim with support from Michelin Development
  • The company is developing ‘next generation’ drill technology for the mineral mining sector, to transform safety and productivity in the global industry
  • Michelin Development facilitates funding for small- and medium enterprises who meet its criteria

Australian company Tribe Technology Group is bringing a step-change to the mineral mining industry with the development of a fully automated drill rig.

The new rig will remove drill operators from high-risk zones, improving safety on-site and significantly ramping up productivity.

Tribe Technology Group, which operates its head office in Mossley Hill and has created a purpose-built manufacturing centre in Mallusk, plans to create up to 120 new jobs in County Antrim over the next three years.

Charlie King, the Group’s Managing Director, founded the company in 2019 after years working on the rigs in Western Australia. He said: “Tribe Technology Group was born from a real desire to improve safety and efficiency in the mining industry.

“We saw the opportunity to reduce workforce risk and operational costs, while increasing productivity and efficiency.

“County Antrim has an incredible heritage in engineering. We are taking that expertise to develop next generation technology to enable drilling works to be controlled remotely in a clean, cool environment, rather than actually on the rig, in hot and challenging environments.”

Tribe Technology Group has been supported by Michelin Development, which offers funding for projects that have the potential to create high-quality, sustainable jobs in the County Antrim area outside of Belfast.

Applicants must be in the manufacturing or business to business service sectors.

 Noel Mulholland, Head of Michelin Development UK, said: “Tribe Technology Group is a business focused on safety and innovation, and is exactly the type of company we are looking to support.

“It is developing new technology, which will be used around the world, from an area that has got a long-established pedigree of manufacturing.

“Tribe Technology Group’s new production facility will create jobs and help to underpin the growth and sustainability of the regional economy overall.

“Our message to other businesses in a similar position is not to miss out on the support that Michelin Development can offer.

“We are here to provide support to small- and medium-sized businesses with a viable business plan to create sustainable jobs.”


(left to right) Noel Mulholland (Head of Michelin Development UK) and Charlie King (Managing Director)

(Date of publication 06/10/2021)